Planning Applications 2020


Planning Application NumberDescriptionPlanning Committee Meeting DateParish Council Meeting Date
48/19/0067Erection of two-storey and single storey extension to rear elevation at Hydeaway, Bathpool. Parish Council supports this application.4th February 202011th February 2020
48/20/0001Erection of a timber agricultural building for storage of feed and hay at Oaklands, Cheddon Fitzpaine Road, Goosenford, Cheddon Fitzpaine.4th February 202011th February 2020
48/19/0065Change of use of land from agricultural to canine activity training facility on land at Cherry Grove Rise, Yalway Road, West Monkton.4th February 2020
48/20/0007Notification to fell two Cherry trees and to carry out management works to a group of Lime trees, two Cherries and one Birch within West Monkton Conservation Area at Limewood, Blundells Lane, West Monkton3rd March 202010th March 2020
48/20/0006/ADisplay of a total of 17. No advertisements, (4 No. internally illuminated fascia signs, 2 No. internally illuminated signs and 11 No. non-illuminated various signs including poster frames, banner frame, menu boards, barrier, header signage, exit sign, welcome sign, tenant panel and key sellers) at Coast Coffee, Hankridge Way, Taunton.3rd March 202010th March 2020
48/20/0008Erection of 4 No. detached dwellings with associated works on land to the south of The Coach House, Sidbrook, West Monkton (amended scheme to 48/18/0055).3rd March 2020

1st September 2020

10th March 2020

8th September 2020

48/20/0009Erection of first floor roof extension and conversion of loft at Cheldon, 29 Greenway, Monkton Heathfield3rd March 202010th March 2020
48/20/0014Erection of single storey extensions to the side and rear with external alterations, installation of digital drive thru signage and overhead canopies with installation of drive thru booths and digital customer order displays at McDonalds, Herons Gate, Taunton.10th March 2020
48/20/0011/ADisplay of 2 No. internally illuminated customer order displays (COD) and 4 No. internally illuminated freestanding signs at McDonalds, Heron Gate, Taunton10th March 2020
48/20/0020Erection of a two-storey extension to the side of 6 Gotton Cottages, Cheddon Fitzpaine.5th May 202012th May 2020
48/20/0019Erection of garage and garden store at The Wagon House, Gotton, Cheddon Fitzpaine.2nd June 20209th June 2020
48/20/0021Replacement of timber screen fence at 16 Elms Estate, Monkton Heathfield.2nd June 20209th June 2020
48/20/0024Erection of a single storey extension to the rear of 10 Park Mead, Monkton Heathfield.9th June 2020
48/20/0025Variation of Condition No. 02 (approved plans of garages for Plots 1 and 2) of application 48/19/0072 on land to the rear of Springdale, 41 Greenway, Monkton Heathfield7th July 202014th July 2020
48/20/0027Variation of Condition No. 01 (approved plans) of application 48/18/0036 for the addition of 1 No. parking space for Plot 91 on land at Hartnells Farm, Monkton Heathfield7th July 202014th July 2020
48/20/0028Erection of a two storey extension to the rear of Woodball Cottage, Quantock Lane, West Monkton7th July 202014th July 2020
48/20/0031Demolition of bungalow and outbuildings with the erection of 4 No. dwellings with associated works at The Orchard, Blundells Lane, West Monkton7th July 2020 and 4th August 202014th July 2020 and 11th August 2020
48/20/0026Erection of fencing to the front of The Croft, Yallands Hill, Monkton Heathfield (retention of works already undertaken)11th August 2020
48/20/0035Erection of coffee shop with drive thru lane with associated changes to car park layout on part of Deane Retail Car Park, Hankridge, Taunton.4th August 202011th August 2020
48/20/0033/LEWApplication for a Certificate of Lawful Development for the existing use of 2 No dwellings as independent, permanent residences (Class C3) at 1 Hyde Egg Farm, Hyde Lodge, Hyde Lane, Bathpool. The Parish Council supports the grant of a Certificate of Lawful Development.4th August 202011th August 2020
48/20/0032Erection of 4 No. dwellings with car parking, landscaping, internal access roads and associated infrastructure and engineering works at the former White Cottage, Bridgwater Road, Monkton Heathfield.4th August 202011th August 2020
48/20/0034Variation of Condition No. 12 (use classes of floor area) of application 48/18/0026 at Hyde Lane Business Park, Hyde Lane, Bathpool. After some discussion the Parish Council supported this application to vary Condition 12; although it would seek to point out that the square metre numbers used for the areas do not add up.4th August 202011th August 2020
48/20/0040/ADisplay of 1 No. internally illuminated totem sign on land to the west of Deane Retail Park car park at Hankridge, Taunton. The Parish Council observes that the dimensions of this advertising totem are very large, the scale is out of keeping with the rest of the retail park at Hankridge. The Parish Council does not support the grant of this application.11th August 2020
08/20/0024Erection of a tent on the south lawn with a mobile toilet and service tent for a period of six years at Hestercombe House, Hestercombe Road, Cheddon Fitzpaine1st September 20208th September 2020
48/20/0039Conversion of garage into ancillary accommodation at 80 Bridgwater Road, Bathpool (retention of works already undertaken)8th September 2020
48/20/0041Erection of a first-floor extension at Walford Lodge, Bridgwater Road, West Monkton1st September 20208th September 2020



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