Planning Committee Meetings

When Somerset West and Taunton Council (SW+TC), the local planning authority, receives  a planning application relating to a proposed development within the Parish, a period of consultation where views on the proposed development can be expressed follows. The formal consultation period will normally last for 21 days, and SW+TC must consult with the Parish Council as a statutory consultee.

The Planning Applications relating to the Parish received are summarised in the table below including the planning application number, a description of the application, the date of the West Monkton Planning Committee meeting that considered the application (if applicable), the date of the West Monkton Parish Council meeting when the response to the application was approved and the response submitted to SW+T C.

The West Monkton Planning Committee is made up of all Parish Councillors and meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 7.00pm at the Brittons Ash Community Hall (when required). Copies of the agendas from the Committee meetings are available below:

Date of meetingAgenda
4th August 2020 (Virtual)Agenda4August2020
7th July 2020 (Virtual)Agenda7July2020
2nd June 2020 (Virtual)Agenda2june2020
5th May 2020 (Virtual)Agenda
7th April 2020 (Virtual)Agenda
3rd March 2020Agenda
4th February 2020Agenda
7th January 2020Agenda
3rd December 2019Agenda
5th November 2019Agenda
1st October 2019Agenda
3rd September 2019Agenda
6th August 2019Agenda
2nd July 2019Agenda
4th June 2019Agenda
2nd April 2019Agenda
5th March 2019Agenda
5th February 2019Agenda
2nd January 2019Agenda

Further information about all of these planning applications is available on the SWT Council website by clicking here and searching for the application or by clicking on the links included in the planning application pages below.

The Planning Applications that West Monkton Parish Council have considered each year are available by clicking on the links below:

2020 Applications

2019 Applications

2018 Applications

2017 Applications





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