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Code of Conduct

The Parish Council Code of Conduct is reviewed and adopted every year at the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council in May.
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Community Infrastructure levy Annual Report to TDBC

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Complaints/Disciplinary/Grievance Policy

These documents sum up the policies for complaints to the council, and disciplinary/grievance policies for those employed by the Parish Council.
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Disciplinary Procedure

This procedure is for those employed by the Parish Council.
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Equality Policy

This is the policy that will be followed by West Monkton Parish Council in the conduct of its business.
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Financial Regulations

The Financial regulations are adopted by the Parish Council every year at the annual meeting of the Parish Council in May. These regulations ensure that the Parish Council acts within the law, that it is accountable and that correct audit trails are...
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Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

This is a list of the publications that are available from West Monkton Parish Council.
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Grants Policy

If you wish to apply for a grant from West Monkton Parish Council, the policy will explain what is needed and what you have to do.
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Recruitment Policy

This policy will be followed in the event of a vacancy arising amongst Parish Council staff.
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Risk assessment policy

Please click the link to access the document, which is reviewed annually riskmanagementandassessment1516
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Training and CPD policy

West Monkton Parish Council supports training and CPD for its employees and its Councillors.
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WMPC Asset register

 Please click on the link to access the List of Assets which is updated annually.WEST MONKTON ...
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WMPC Standing Orders

The Standing Orders are adopted by the Parish Council every year at the annual meeting of the Parish Council in May. The Standing Orders provide a set of rules which indicate the way the Parish Council must conduct its business, how it interacts with...
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Working Party protocol

This document describes the protocol to be followed when a Working Party is set up and for the duration of its existence.
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Click on the link below for the Good Councillors Guide published by SALC


Don’t forget to click on the links below for the WMPC Health and Safety policies ( as per SALC)

http://health-and-safety-guide (1)



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