Well-B Campaign Launch

Posted on 19th July, 2019 in News

On Monday we launched our new brand advertising campaign (TV and digital-led) which will be aired over the summer on prime-time television in particular regions.  The aim is to build awareness amongst people living within 1 km of our waterways and get them to feel positively towards the Trust, understand our positioning as a wellbeing and waterways charity, and visit their local waterway.

We have developed a character ‘Well-B’ to front our campaign, embodying wellbeing and ‘recharging by your local canal’.  Well-B has a monitoring device – in the form of the Trust logo – which glows blue with better wellbeing, particularly by the water.

We tested the character, the name and advert using focus groups with 18 to 40-year-olds (canal users and non-users) from a range of different demographic backgrounds in Birmingham and Leeds.  The headlines from this research were overall very positive in terms of:

  • using the idea of ‘recharging by the canal’ is strong and resonated with everyone;
  • advert message was very clear, believable and desirable, even after a single viewing of the film;
  • Well-B drove memorability, affection and modernity and seen as an expressive and likeable creative device to demonstrate happiness, fun and recharging by the canal;
  • The Trust being seen as an interesting, outgoing, caring and sharing charity with some unusual, interesting and contemporary ideas, getting people involved in their local canal.

The TV advert can viewed following this YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iRFOwFo22I


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