Notes from the Parish Surgery on 12th July 2018

Posted on 16th July, 2018 in News

Notes from the Parish Surgery on 12th July 2018, during which a representative of Persimmon Homes was present are available below:

  • Hyde Lane footpath link and Roys Place junction complete and open to the public.
  • Drainage remedials on Spine Road completed except for 2 manholes near the Community Square and some works to the balancing pond south of the ERR by the proposed sports pitches.
  • Streetlighting remedials completed except 2 columns to be straightened (awaiting programme from SSE) and the RTA replacement bollards & columns on the ERR. Latter programmed for end July due to road space availability.
  • Spine Road remedials – will not be finished by 31 July. Definitive snagging lists received from SCC. Being priced and orders arranged. Likely 2-3 months work including final surfacing. SCC Highways now wanting 12 months maintenance not straight to adoption on Phase 1.
  • Block paving on Spine Road at the Community Square needs re-laying. Additional trial holes required to agree extent of works with SCC. Residents would like speed ramps incorporated. This will delay the works and need TDBC planning approval, technical approval to the design from SCC, agreement of local residents and agreement of the bus company. Norman to look at assisting the process. Developers more likely to continue with the agreed remedials list to get roads adopted more quickly.
  • Bishops Close – gullies on the high point so ponding occurs. Also noticeable settlement of service scar. Redrow to rectify with adoption remedials on R2 once Spine Road adopted/onto maintenance.
  • Check 40/30 speed limits have been installed at ERR and Bridgwater Road junctions into the development. Both ends of Pippin Road have correct signage. Missing from Hardys Road roundabout junction but identified on agreed snagging list. No requirement at Roys Place junction as Bridgwater Road is 30mph at this point.
  • Confirm fencing requirements of ditch at Pippin Road crossing.
  • Missing bollards on Bridgwater Road narrowing south of the school – replacements to be agreed with SCC once traffic speed data provided by SCC and reviewed.
  • Bawler Road adoption – legal agreement and remedials lists to be chased.
  • ERR – remedials agreed but financing being discussed with SCC.
  • WRR – awaiting technically approved drawings from SCC to enable accurate pricing, then viability discussion.
  • Hartnell’s Farm – outline granted. Persimmon’s Reserved Matters planning application for first 131 plots has been registered by TDBC. Includes offline roundabout which realigns A3259 at Bawler Road.
  • Local Centre – confirm where this is being marketed and the construction start date. Construction of the Persimmon apartment block has now commenced. All enquiries for the retail/commercial units should be directed to Persimmon Homes in the first instance, FAO Matthew Seaman, Land Director. Matthew has received some speculative enquiries over the last few months but nothing definite or serious.
  • Local Centre adoption of parking spaces – still to be agreed. TDBC/WMPC had received a different request, but the intention is for them to be adopted by a ‘public’ body once construction on this phase is complete, not whilst construction traffic still using the roads. Norman to investigate further.
  • Public Open Space play areas – can these be open for the school summer holidays commencing 20 July? We will endeavour to make these available asap, piecemeal if necessary. Play equipment expecting to be complete by 20 July but require RoSPA certificates before opening to the public. The Central Parkland area needs drainage installed first. The Multi Use Games Area on parcel P13 (behind Monkton Elm Garden Centre) cannot be installed until the Persimmon compound is removed mid-August. All areas will require landscaping remedials at a later date – not before end August. Weather dependent.
  • Sports pitches south of ERR – confirm timeframe for delivery. Spring 2019 completion and available for use Summer 2019 is reasonable. Ensure TDBC DLO inspect during construction if they are to take over the pitches on completion.
  • When will school playing field adjacent to Local Centre be complete?
  • Bin emptying – order in place with TDBC Parks Dept. Emptying regime to be confirmed and location plan provided. See attached plan. Await confirmation from TDBC.
  • Employment Land south of ERR – confirm where this is being marketed. All enquiries for this land should be directed to Persimmon Homes in the first instance, FAO Matthew Seaman, Land Director. Matthew has received some enquiries over the last few months but nothing capable of being taken forward.
  • Price Land/land behind school – confirm programme. There is no programme at present. A reserved matters planning application will need to be made prior to any development and this is not in the current programme for either Persimmon or Redrow.
  • It was acknowledged that work is progressing on site, albeit at a slower pace than expected. Residents to be kept updated in advance of any delays with the reasons for them rather than seeing deadlines being passed.
  • Can an evening residents meeting be arranged as suggested a year ago? This depends on what is to be discussed. Not if it’s purely to criticise the developers who are working to get the various elements completed.
  • Country Park tree planting scheme – would the developers like to contribute financially towards this scheme, part-funded by the Woodland Trust, in recognition of local losses on the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1? Planting to be completed by others and dedicated early November 2018.


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