New Buildings and Developments Update – September 2018

Posted on 16th September, 2018 in News

A 3259 Bus Gate / Western Relief Road

Somerset County Council remain committed, officially, to the installation of a bus gate on the A3259. However, they have undertaken to complete the Western Relief road (WRR) first, then to carry out a traffic survey and consult on the results before deciding where (or whether?) to install the bus gate. The WRR was due to be completed by early next year. However, the timetable has slipped. The Hartnell’s developers won a legal case that has removed the requirement for them to make a £ 1,000,000 contribution to the WRR costs. We await developments.

Monkton Heathfield Phase 2 development (MH2)

The Masterplan for the phase 2 development was due to be published in July. It has not yet been published and we do not know when that might now happen. Only when it does, can we consider any impact on the parish and whether there is scope for us to comment or intervene on the plan. The adopted policies of the Neighbourhood Plan must be considered by developers when they submit any planning application.

Hartnells Farm development

Things are moving forward on the development of the land around Hartnell’s Farm and building is likely to commence in the next 3-6 months. 300 houses are due to be built in four stages. Persimmon presented their revised plans by means of a detailed design code for the first phase of the development to West Monkton Parish Council’s planning meeting on the 4th of September (following comments on the original application from the Parish Council). The original planning application did not follow some of the Policies of the Neighbourhood Plan. It was explained that some of the Section 106 agreements regarding social and affordable housing put in place on the outline application take priority over the Policies of the Neighbourhood Plan, since the NP was made after the outline permission was granted. Other areas of concern are being addressed by the developer.
The development will involve a new roundabout on the A3259 and three new pedestrian crossings and also a requirement to dig up Bawler Road for infrastructure works. These works are likely to slow traffic considerably and may well cause more traffic to use less suitable routes as a rat-run.
A Construction Management Plan has not yet been presented by the developers.

Members of the public can attend WMPC Planning Committee meetings as well as Parish Council meetings. Dates are published on the agendas and minutes. Information can be found on the West Monkton website, the West Monkton facebook page, in the Village news and on the eight notice boards in the Parish. There is also an electronic message board which can be viewed through the front door of the BACH.
Members of the public can attend Parish Surgery at the BACH on the second Thursday of every month at 8.30am. Drop in for a coffee and talk informally to clerks, and parish/district/county Councillors.
Clerks can be contacted with queries or enquiries by email,
or by phone 01823 413 524


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