Flood Online Reporting Tool (FORT)

Posted on 13th November, 2020 in News

The Flood Online Reporting Tool (FORT) allows anyone from residents to flood risk authorities to report flooding incidents and should help the agencies develop a better understanding of where flooding occurs and how best to reduce its risk and impact:


The flood online reporting tool is a web-based system which has five goals:
1. Report: to allow Members of the Public, Flood Wardens and Flood Risk Management Authorities to enter details about property flooding in one place.
2. Analyse: allows flood risk authorities to quickly analyse flood data which can then be used in reports which help inform Flood Risk Management Strategies.
3. Plan: reports and analysis can be used when assessing new planning options and when assessing proposed flood alleviation schemes.
4. Protect: all records are spatially referenced allowing them to be used as a basis for localised protection schemes from community work down to individual property protection.
5. Network: the system can be a used to aid multiple agencies in their combined response to flooding both during an event and after. Data entered into the system is shared appropriately allowing decision makers and provide an overall picture of what problems exists over a geographical area. This helps agencies better prioritise assistance both during and after an event. The system doesn’t stop there as it also includes tools to help flood risk authorities to work closer with community and volunteer groups to tackle the causes of flooding at the local level.

This presentation includes more detail, and how to use it:


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