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New Building and Development

HeadlinesMasterplanning of Phase 2 for Monkton Heathfield is underway; various options for how the development will look are being considered.  The award of Garden Town status to Taunton will influence the design of MH Phase 2, as will the Neighbourhood Plan.
Agreement for the funding of the Western Relief Road (WRR) has been reached so it is expected that building will start this year.
The Neighbourhood Plan is almost complete. Consultation will run from mid February – end March 2017. Look out for links on the West Monkton website and in the Village News.
Key Dates
Wednesday 8th Feb Parish Council meeting at 7.00 p.m in the Brittons Ash Community Hall. All welcome.
Wednesday 22nd Mar Annual Parish Meeting for ALL members of the Parish
Application 48/16/0025 for the Hartnells development has now been APPROVED and details can be found on the TDBC Planning Portal. This includes the removal of Condition 12 which limited the 320 plot development to 150 houses, until the WRR had been built.
Application 48/16/0033 was a separate application last year to remove this Condition and whilst this was refused at the time, there is now such certainty over the imminent development of this road that TDBC felt the condition was no longer required.
The WRR must be built before the Persimmon Redrow Consortium (PRC) occupy 651 houses and as they are rapidly approaching this limit it is considered that this road will be open well before the original Hartnells 150 house condition.
The proposed access to the Hartnells development will be opposite the junction of the A3259 with the new road into the estate at the corner of the Charles Church development. Somerset Highways are yet to agree the final design of this junction and a number of options are being considered.
LOCAL CENTREThe work on the Local Centre opposite the new Primary School on Bridgwater Road (the old route of the A38) is progressing with 5 retail/commercial units currently under construction. There will be apartments above, houses on either side and parking to the front.
 New Buildings and Development

Residents have raised concerns about the speed and quantity of traffic still using Bridgwater Road (old A38). The proposed bus gate near Canal roundabout will be installed when the Western Relief Road is built. At present a review of the A38/ERR traffic is ongoing with all traffic regulation options under consideration.
The following is a quote from the Safety Officer at SCC:

‘The new highway infrastructure associated with the construction of the new primary school has been subjected to an independent stage 3 Road Safety Audit, commissioned by the Developer.  I am currently awaiting for formal submission of the report, accompanied by the designers responses, to any recommendations that have been made.

 I addition to this I also undertook a site visit at Britton Ash, with the Area Traffic Officer, to review the usage of the area during school finishing time (15:00). 

During this review an issue with vehicle parking within the turning heads at the end of Brittons Ash was evident, and therefore it is proposed that consideration be given to the implementation of a waiting restriction within these areas, for reasons of road safety.  Any such waiting restriction will require a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO), which will be subject to a successful consultation process.

 As part of the monitoring process Somerset County Council are also reviewing the speed limits of the wider Monkton Heathfield infrastructure, including Brittons Ash, and will be putting forward options for consideration which may include an extension of the 20mph zone into Brittons Ash.  This will also require a TRO and be subject to the standard consultation process.’



The formal opening of the new West Monkton C of E Primary School and the BACH took place at a happy ceremony on 9th January 2017.   Visitors to the school were suitably impressed by the amazing facility in which the children of the Parish can now learn and grow.  Refreshments in the BACH allowed visitors to mix and mingle and see the facilities that the BACH can offer the community.

In terms of what’s available – you enter a large lobby suitable for meeting and greeting; a large Activities Room with a wooden floor, a smaller carpeted committee room; a galley kitchen fully equipped with dishwasher, boiler fridges, cutlery and crockery for 60 and a cooker with induction hobs.  Storage is available to the rear of the activities room, there are ladies’ and gents’ toilets, a disabled toilet with baby changing unit; seats and tables for 60 people.

There has been a lot of interest by local clubs and classes, and there are some lively mornings and evenings! The BACH has been privately hired for meetings and celebrations and more are booked.

The Committee is very keen to encourage as much use of the BACH by the community as possible – after all, it is a community hall built as a result of the growth of Monkton Heathfield, so it is open and available to all.

If you would like to look round the Hall, or find out what’s on, or make a booking, or join the team, please call the Chairman, Barry Gage 07752 723311.


The Path Field footpath will be closed for up to 6 months whilst attenuation ponds are built. When the footpath is re-opened it will be a cycle way/footpath.


Lots of people enjoy walking their dogs through the various footpaths and green spaces in the new development and a number have requested dog bins.  It is currently not possible for the Parish Council to install dog bins on the new development as it has in other parts of the Parish because the site has not been ‘adopted’.  Therefore the duty of care rests with the developers’ consortium for the time being.

Dog walkers are strongly encouraged to extend their walks to Brittons Ash or Farriers Green Park, or the canal at Swingbridge where dog bins are available.  The owners of dogs allowing their animals to foul on the highway/footpath should be reported to the Dog Wardens at Taunton Deane – 01823 356356

 Please view in your email if you are a subscriber to ‘New Buildings and development’ or go ( you will need to know the planning application number


Send in your suggestions for STREET NAMES and COMMUNITY FACILITIES to the Clerk of the Parish Council.
Do get in touch if you have time to be involved in the volunteer group for the new BRITTONS ASH COMMUNITY HALL located adjacent to the new Primary School.
HAVE YOUR SAY through submitting comments on planning applications and joining in with the consultations on the Neighbourhood Plan.

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