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Letter from Audrey Mansfield our Village Agent. Audrey does tremendous work in the Parish, please contact her if you think she can assist you. Contact information at end of letter.

I recently became a Dementia Friend which I have found very useful as I have a number of clients who have a family member with Dementia.

About two thirds of older people will get dementia in later life although it can affect younger people as well.  There are a number of different forms, with Alzheimer’s being the most common.  It usually starts by affecting people’s short term memory, but can also affect perception, so for example people may not recognise themselves in the mirror. 

You can imagine the brain as a not very well made bookcase with your memories stored in a set of encyclopaedias, stacked from the bottom shelf upwards.  Every new memory goes into a book which is then placed on a high shelf.  If something shakes this wonky bookcase the volumes on the top shelf fall off, they are the most recent memories of today, this week, last month, all gone.  Lower down the books are still safely on the shelf and you can remember 10 or 20 years ago, or the French you learnt at school.

You keep feelings and opinions in a separate book, which isn’t stored on the bookshelf.  So you will know how you feel: happy, sad, hungry, don’t like chocolate, without remembering why you feel that way.

You can join me in becoming a Dementia Friend – the Alzheimer’s Society runs short courses.

If you are concerned about someone, the Alzheimer’s Society can help.  The national helpline is 0330 333 0804.  The website is 

If I can be of any help with any issue, my phone number is 07870 577925, email [email protected]

Thank you


Audrey Mansfield
Village Agent

Tel: 01823 331222
Mobile: 07870 577925
Email: [email protected]


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