Neighbourhood Plan

West Monkton & Cheddon Fitzpaine Parish Councils
West Monkton & Cheddon Fitzpaine Neighbourhood Development Plan
Consultation Period 12 April to 27 May 2017
We are pleased to announce start of Regulation 14 consultation on the joint West Monkton & Cheddon Fitzpaine Neighbourhood Development Plan (WM&CFP NDP).
The WM&CFP NDP covers the parishes of West Monkton and Cheddon Fitzpaine.
We will see significant growth in the coming years. Through policies in the NDP we aim to ensure that development:
• is successfully accommodated;
• is sustainable, with excellent community facilities and high quality design;
• respects the historic environment and surrounding countryside is protected and enhanced.
Once made the WM&CFP NDP will be used by TDBC when assessing planning applications in the NDP area.
We would therefore like your views on the draft WM&CFP NDP and its associated documents which can be viewed on:
• West Monkton Parish Council website:
• Cheddon Fitzpaine Parish Council website:
Alternatively, paper version are also available to read at:
• TDBC Offices: Belvedere Road, Taunton, TA1 1HE;
• Town library: Paul St, Taunton TA1 3XZ;
• West Monkton BACH Hall: Brittons Ash, Bathpool, TA2 8FT;
• Cheddon Fitzpaine Memorial Hall: Rowford, Cheddon Fitzpaine, TA2 8JY.
The Parish Clerks for West Monkton and Cheddon Fitzpaine also have a paper copy.
Please give your comments, observations or feedback in writing to Patricia Cavill (Clerk to West Monkton Parish Council) or Jo Pearson (Clerk to Cheddon Fitzpaine Parish Council) by 27th May 2017.
• E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected];
• Post: 2 Hill Farm Cottages, West Monkton, TA2 8LW or
32 Portland Street, Taunton, TA1 1UZ.
12 April 2016






Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meeting Tuesday 28th February 2017


Venue : B A C H

Time : 7.00pm


1.     Apologies were received from M Chinnock and M Thompson.

2.     The changes suggested had been summarised by M Pollock and these were worked through.  Need to produce Equalities Impact Assessment.

3.     Each section in the NP document was considered and amendments agreed. Some rewording was necessary to reflect the release of the Housing White Paper.

4.     The Sustainability Audit and Basic Conditions statement were all but complete.

5.     Some photos will be added to illustrate old natural stone buildings (use JR archive).

6.     Local Green Spaces, add in to Rec and Env as R5: define the grass triangles in the NP area, and include photos.    Map from Ann.

7.     Proof reader is on stand-by – she can have hard copy.

8.     Ready for public consultation after SEA and response from NE.  Ann will provide regulation 14 consultees.   Documents will go out electronically.    

9.     End of grant report back to Locality.  Full grant has been used now.  Any further expenses will be met from PC budgets.       

10.Agreed to send electronic copy to CSM once ready for public consultation.  

11.Agreed to conduct the rest of the business by email up to public consultation.  Jo and Tricia to continue working together.     


Meeting closed at 9.15pm



Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meeting Tuesday 7th February 2017

Venue : B A C H

Time : 7.00pm

  1. Apologies were received from M Thompson, M Chinnock
  2. TDBC Informal Comments had been received on the various areas noted below, although some were still awaited.  The Housing Enabling White Paper having been issued within the past 24 hours, was likely to make aspect of the NP easier.  Planning Policy statements have not yet been received, but are likely to cover all areas.  An HRA has been commissioned, which needs to be sent to Natural England.
  3. Housing
  4. Transport
  5. Employment
  6. Recreation and Environment

M Pollock, Consultant had compiled a table itemising the comments that had been received.  The bulk of the meeting involved going through the comments received informally from TD and determining the NP response to them. Note: M Pollock produced a document following this meeting summarising the NP response to the comments.

  1. Other Areas
  2. Sustainability Audit – MP is doing this one
  3. Basic Conditions Statement – MP is doing this one
  4. Introduction and Vision – finished
  5. Maps and Graphics – waiting for better quality from TD
  6. Photographs – can be added at the end if needed
  7. SEA Screening Opinion – check TD is doing this
  8. Human Rights Statement – check TD is doing this
  9. Supporting Documentation – two documents are nearly complete – ‘Other evidence’ and ‘Consultation’.
  10. Timeframe for NP Submission
  11. Proof reading – independent proof reader is on stand by
  12. Public Consultation. The public consultation will be put back for 2 weeks.


  1. Public Consultation

It was agreed that the pre-submission public consultation should be put back for two weeks. By then, the NP Steering group will have had a chance to respond to comments back from TD and be more finished in respect of what is presented to the public.

Notices will be put on both web sites.

  1. Advertising – note delay on web site only as flyers and notice of consultation have already gone to print in CF newsletter and WM Village news, which can’t be withdrawn.
  2. NP Placement – when ready, a copy will be available at Deane House, the Library in Taunton, hard copy held by both Clerks.


  1. Budget
  2. Cost to date review

Most costs have been covered by the Locality grants.  There may be a cost to Parishes (CF 1/3: WM 2/3 split) for the next M Pollock invoice, which may fall due before the end of the financial year.

  1. Any further costs

Now the HRA has been commissioned, none known at this stage, apart from Clerks costs for work extra to contract. Both Parishes have budgeted for more NP expenses in 2017/2018.


  1. Creech St Michael

Agreed to inform the CSM Parish Clerk of the delay to the schedule.

  1. A O B – none
  2. Date of next meeting 28th February 2017 at 7.00pm at the BACH.



Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meeting Tuesday 10th January 2017


Venue: B A C H, Bathpool

Time: 7.00pm



1.     Apologies: M Chinnock, M Thompson, N Griffiths, D Webber, A Durham, I Clark, H Ellis.

Present: K Tutill, M Pollock, J Woollacott, K Brown, R Tully, N Cavill; J Pearson and T Cavill.


K Tutill thanked all contributors who had brought the NP to this draft stage. The documents had been sent to Ann Rhodes for informal review.  There will be more iterations before the Draft is circulated.  It was noted that Ann’s responses to the questions raised in the documents sent to her would be useful to have before going out to ‘Pre-submission Consultation’ – estimated to be mid-February.  Both Parish Councils will be asked to provide an agreement in principle before the document is made available for public comment.  TD will indicate who should be consulted.  The NP Steering Group will decide which of the comments to include in the final document that will go out for formal consultation.


     2.  Review of Draft NP Sections

It was noted that each of the policy sections has a slightly different style although conforming overall to the template provided by Locality via M Pollock.  It was agreed that this was acceptable as it indicated multiple contributors.  Some evidence gaps need filling in the different policy sections: please can teams do this?


The Policy sections were signed off in principle subject to minor adjustments.

          a. Housing


The MP (Mark Pollock) reference number can be removed in the final edit.

H1 avoid blocking – needs pepper pot approach

H2 needs extra evidence as indicated in the document.

H5 the 80:20 split is a subtle change from TD policy (60:40); but recognises the difficulties associated with shared ownership.  Jo Humble, Housing Enabling and Development Manager has been asked to comment – she may need chasing.

Garden Town status for Taunton is likely to assist in terms of infrastructure and the developers will be advised with matters of design such as density and open spaces.

          b. Transport

The section looks to be complete now that the 5-metre strip and Rapid Transit proposals have been included.

          c.  Employment

maps need to be readable (scale currently too small).  Suggest a hyperlink to SINE.  Need the evidence from TD.  Live-work units probably not deliverable. 

E (b) starter units – good

E 1 (a) (b) may just become one example of employment land lost to housing e.g. Hatcheries small employment units was developed by Strongvox into housing (original Local Plan designated the Hatcheries as employment land).

Despite poor responses from Business Community (9/150 responses to questionnaire), it was agreed it is crucial that the all consultations that have been attempted should be documented as it is all evidence.  So, the enquiries made to TD Ec Dev, Chamber of Commerce, etc. need to be listed.  The EDF growth circle was considered, Jo will send David Redpath’s contacts for a copy of the growth circle to be included as extra evidence of potential need for starter units.

          d. Recreation and Environment

Amendments to policies R1 and R4 had been made to update the document. Include reference to the Quantock study to indicate connectivity between our NP and initiatives in adjoining areas. SWOT for semipermeable drives – ref to consultation statement (SUDS requirement anyway?) Take explanation of SWOT and put into Consultation statement.


     3.  Other Areas

          a. Sustainability Audit

ref here to BREEAM Communities 2012 for Master Planning

Garden Town principles

Nigel Griffiths and Ian Clark have contributed to Sustainability Audit.

Sustainability Audit was signed off in principle – needs to go to Ann Rhodes for informal review, and the Parishes.

          b. Basic Conditions Statement

Basic Conditions statement was signed off in principle – needs to go to Ann Rhodes for checking legal compliance and the Parishes for pre-submission consultation.

          c. Introduction and Vision

Vision ok

Introduction – add in ‘why doing it’ and ‘great news about garden Town status granted 6 Jan 2017. (Raising the bar on Master Planning/shaping the community).  Move SWOT table into the Introduction.

Put a conclusion under (5) ref delivery of NP…

          d. Maps and Graphics

Need some better versions from TD

Scrutiny of Table 1 in Basic conditions

Need to put parish boundary maps and an explanation of the Staplegrove Urban extension exclusion area into the Appendix/supporting documentation

          e. Photographs – use JR photos…?

          f. SEA Screening Opinion TD will do – have asked Ann Rhodes to confirm

          g. Human Rights Statement TD will do – have asked Ann Rhodes to confirm

          h. Supporting Documentation

List consultations – people meetings documents used, policies referred to.


     4.  Timeframe for NP Submission

          a. Proof reading

Volunteer from St Quintins Park in Feb will go through entire documents.

          b. Issue to Ann Rhodes to consider

Informal review with questions underway

          c. Public Consultation

need leaflet and some tidying up of documents


    5. Public Consultation

Need to get an agreement in principle by both parishes before sending out to public.  This can be put to both PCs this week.  Not a signing off of the final document but an endorsement to go ahead with the next stage of the process.

        a. Advertising make a leaflet for the ‘Pre-submission consultation’ including why? And benefits? Put these two also into the Introduction plus a Preface signed by KT and two Parish Chairmen.

        b. NP Placement – village halls etc.

Can use websites, NP mailing list, Clerks can keep hard copy for perusal/inspection – may ‘walk’ if just left in BACH or Memorial Hall, hard copy in TD offices and Library.  Ann to advise how many copies needed for this stage.


     6.  Budget

       a. Cost to date review

Have nearly spent all Locality Groundworks grant (end date 31 Jan 2017).  Not sure if any further funds are available from Groundworks/Locality. Have had the basic grant (circa £9000.00 plus the grant for growth areas, circa £6500.00).

Vat has been reclaimed, waiting for payment.

Both parishes advised there might be shortfall in funds, needing input from parishes.  Both Parishes had budget set aside for 2016/2017 and have also made provision in 2017/2018.

       b. Any further costs

Mark Pollock has submitted an estimate for 5 more days, there may be some more work after that.

When work is complete, the BAT survey needs to be added – cost circa £300.00.


    7. Creech St Michael

Meeting before Christmas, aims of both Neighbourhood Plans identified as very similar. Minutes recording meeting taken by CSM. WM & CF NP will share draft (electronically) once its ready for pre-submission consultation.  CSM consultant in touch with M Pollock.


     8. A O B

Add master planning meetings to consultation doc – also list of meetings with EA, FWAG, Somerset Wildlife – any others?


     9. Date of next meeting

7th February 2017 at the BACH at 7.00pm.


The meeting closed at 9.35pm.


The Neighbourhood Plan is now being drafted.

This is based on the questionnaire results and other surveys and will determine the future of our area for the duration of the Core Strategy to 2028. When the Neighbourhood Plan is made, it will become part of TDBC Planning policy.

The meetings are usually  on the second Tuesday of the month, please contact the Clerk for further information [email protected]uk.

We are looking for people who can help research supporting policies for the Neighbourhood Plan – now is your chance! Please contact the Clerk.

Meanwhile, please could you spare a few minutes to respond to our Supplementary Survey? Reply to the Clerk.



Supplementary survey –  comment sheet


1) How can bus stops, planned as part of new developments, be improved to encourage more people to use existing and future bus services?


2) What sort/type of housing should be provided for the growing elderly population within the NP area?


3) Should light pollution be restricted, and dark skies promoted, within the existing and expanding urban parts of the NP area in addition to the rural parts?     Yes/No

4) Is there a need for new public toilets with respect to any existing locations, or future areas to be developed, within the NP area and if so where?


5) Allowing that each new cycle way will be different, should it be lit?


Would you support the use of sensors so track is lit only when needed?



For Parish needs:

  1. How could Public Toilets be financed? By: Parish precept/Management Company fee/Local Shops


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