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NP Minutes of meetings in 2016/2017

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  WEST MONKTON and CHEDDON FITZPAINE PARISH COUNCILS Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meeting Tuesday 10th January 2017   Venue: B A C H, Bathpool Time: 7.00pm Minutes:   1.     Apologies: M Chinnock, M Thompson, N Griffiths, D Webber, A Durham, I Clark, H Ellis. Present: K Tutill, M Pollock, J Woollacott, K Brown, R Tully, N Cavill; J Pearson and T Cavill.   K Tutill thanked all contributors who had brought the NP to this draft stage. The documents had been sent to Ann Rhodes for informal review.  There will be more iterations before the Draft is circulated.  It was noted that Ann’s responses to the questions raised in the documents sent to her would be useful to have before going out to ‘Pre-submission Consultation’ – estimated to be mid-February.  Both Parish Councils will be asked to provide an agreement in principle before the document is made available for public comment.  TD will indicate who should be consulted.  The NP Steering Group will decide which of the comments to include in the final document that will go out for formal consultation.                                                                                                                                                                                    2.  Review of Draft NP Sections It was noted that each of the policy sections has a slightly different style although conforming overall to the template provided by Locality via M Pollock.  It was agreed that this was acceptable as it indicated multiple contributors.  Some evidence gaps need filling in the different policy sections: please can teams do this?   The Policy sections were signed off in principle subject to minor adjustments.           a. Housing   The MP (Mark Pollock) reference number can be removed in the final edit. H1 avoid blocking – needs pepper pot approach H2 needs extra evidence as indicated in the document. H5 the 80:20 split is a subtle change from TD policy (60:40); but recognises the difficulties associated with shared ownership.  Jo Humble, Housing Enabling and Development Manager has been asked to comment – she may need chasing. Garden Town status for Taunton is likely to assist in terms of infrastructure and the developers will be advised with matters of design such as density and open spaces.           b. Transport The section looks to be complete now that the 5-metre strip and Rapid Transit proposals have been included.           c.  Employment maps need to be readable (scale currently too small).  Suggest a hyperlink to SINE.  Need the evidence from TD.  Live-work units probably not deliverable.  E (b) starter units – good E 1 (a) (b) may just become one example of employment land lost to housing e.g. Hatcheries small employment units was developed by Strongvox into housing (original Local Plan designated the Hatcheries as employment land). Despite poor responses from Business Community (9/150 responses to questionnaire), it was agreed it is crucial that the all consultations that have been attempted should be documented as it is all evidence.  So, the enquiries made to TD Ec Dev, Chamber of Commerce, etc. need to be listed.  The EDF growth circle was considered, Jo will send David Redpath’s contacts for a copy of the growth circle to be included as extra evidence of potential need for starter units.           d. Recreation and Environment Amendments to policies R1 and R4 had been made to update the document. Include reference to the Quantock study to indicate connectivity between our NP and initiatives in adjoining areas. SWOT for semipermeable drives – ref to consultation statement (SUDS requirement anyway?) Take explanation of SWOT and put into Consultation statement.        3.  Other Areas           a. Sustainability Audit ref here to BREEAM Communities 2012 for Master Planning Garden...

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Neighbourhood Plan minutes 10 November 2015

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WEST MONKTON and CHEDDON FITZPAINE PARISH COUNCILS Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meeting Tuesday 10th November 2015 Venue : West Monkton Village Hall Time : 7.00pm Apologies Received from D Webber, R Isaacs, L Thompson, A Durham, M Batsch, A Pritchard, R Tully. Overview of current Questionnaire position and timescales. The consultation period for the area designation had finished and Ann Rhodes TDBC reported that no comments had been received.  She has expressed the wish that the furthest part of the Staplegrove Urban Extension which lies within the Parish of Cheddon Fitzpaine should not be included in the designated area.  There was some discussion of this matter amongst members of the Steering Group, and it will be further discussed when the decision on the proposed Urban Extension has been made by TDBC. Questionnaire Work was done on revising the sections, amalgamating some and changing the order to make it more user friendly. More maps and photos will be included.    The changes will be distributed by email and agreement reached by email, no overspill meeting needed. Consultants Later in the process.  Drafting the actual Neighbourhood Plan, after analysing the questionnaire responses, will take much discussion and policies will need to be formulated (see the approved Bishops Lydeard NP on the Bishops Lydeard and Cothelstone website).  Thereafter a 123 list will be produced to determine how CIL money will be spent.   Budget Arrangements will be included n each PC’s budget and precept discussions.  The questionnaire will be distributed by Royal Mail service that has to be paid for.  The costs for this service will be allocated proportionately to the numbers of houses in each Parish.   Exhibition Plans and Dates – what do we need from Ann Rhodes? In outline – agree the questionnaire by email before K Tuthill goes away.  Final agreement on document at December meeting, take it to A Rhodes before Christmas for her comment.  Respond to her comments over Christmas. Final doc ready for printing and postal distribution in Jan (before meeting? so householders have it in time for exhibitions on 18th and 20th January? to be confirmed).   AOB – date of next meeting 8th December at 7.00pm at West Monkton Village...

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Neighbourhood Plan Minutes 8th December 2015

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WEST MONKTON and CHEDDON FITZPAINE PARISH COUNCILS Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meeting Tuesday 8th December 2015 Venue : West Monkton Village Hall Time : 7.00pm Minutes: Apologies Andrew Pritchard, Andy Winter, Rob Isaacs Amy Sheppard welcomed (Clerk at Bishops Lydeard, so has gone through the NP process already). Overview of current Questionnaire position and timescales. Aim to get it finished by Christmas, after Ann Rhodes has checked it. Mike Batsch will check for consistency and uniformity.  Jo has been costing out print and despatch costs.  Advice received from Amy – pre-paid envelopes under licence only pay for what is used. Add text to franking for despatch. All agreed to go with pre-paid envelopes or on-line rather than giving Councillors addresses. All agreed that although tempting, the aim of the questionnaire cannot be to educate, but simply to get responses to allow for forward planning.  Any education (about the existing forward planning outlined in the Core Strategy) should be restricted to the public exhibitions. There was some feeling that the questionnaire was getting too long. Questionnaire remaining sections to complete Adjust Introduction and end section for pre-paid envelopes. Add colour within questions ( tables) Some amendments to text were suggested following comments from Amy. No ‘reward voucher’. Consultants Amy advised that Bishops Lydeard had used Mike Pollock’s NP Consultancy Services and he was very good.  He knows TDBC very well.  All agreed to approach him – Kelvin will phone him to obtain rough quote for grant application.  M Pollack will do sustainability appraisal.  Amy advised keep all receipts to justify grant funding; if grant money is not spent it has to be repaid. Budget Report on Questionnaire print and distribution costs prepaid reply envelopes. Jo had researched various options, much depends on length of questionnaire.  Pre-paid envelopes need to be built into costs. Purchase of Survey Monkey.  Advised that there is no particular lead-in time.  Hard copies will be typed in by members of Steering Group to join on line responses already received.  Survey Monkey allows manipulation of data. Suggested it might take 2 weeks to set up survey monkey – needs to be ready by exhibitions, so purchase in New Year (Jason/Annie/Tricia). See c. below ref grants. Need to collect and keep all documents and consultations for Statement of Community Involvement – collect evidence as both Parishes go along. Norman will fill in grant application forms, need grant before commissioning M Pollock. Meeting with Kelvin. See if cash grant can be obtained before 1st April with another after 1st April. In response to direct question from the Chairman, both Parish Councils gave assurance that budget arrangements for 2016/2017 allowed the cost of the Neighbourhood Plan to be covered in the proportion previously resolved and in the sum resolved by both Parish Councils. Exhibition Plans and Dates – what do we need from Ann Rhodes? Meeting with Ann Rhodes 14 Dec: N Cavill, P Cavill, J Woollacott and K Tutill will attend. Some issues about boundary at Staplegrove. Create flyers to advertise exhibition: collect mailing list from attendees at exhibition to people who could join in focus groups drafting policies. Distribute Flyers to Sales Offices. Advertise exhibition in Gazette, Local Radio Village Hall – target the hirers not the membership: same for Cricket Club; Rugby Club; Tacchi-Morris; Schools. Collect comments from exhibition to use for swot analysis. At exhibition show sites that have permission already and info about Core Strategy. At exhibition the primary target should be the advantages in terms of having influence on the future development of the area, secondary target the financial gain on CIL. Create separate...

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Neighbourhood Plan minutes 12 January 2016

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WEST MONKTON and CHEDDON FITZPAINE PARISH COUNCILS Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meeting Tuesday 12th January 2016 Venue : West Monkton Village Hall Time : 7.00pm Minutes : Apologies: Jason Woollacott, Rob Isaacs, Andy Pritchard, Richard Parrish, Norman Cavill, Annie Durham.   Presentation by Mark Pollock. Mark presented his first thoughts on taking the NP forward.  He had experience with Bishops Lydeard, local knowledge, wide experience as Senior Planner for South Somerset.  It was noted that the NP itself needs to be robust enough, and written in such a way to withstand developer challenge.  The Plan would run from 2016 to 2028.  The aim should be to get the highest turnout to the referendum possible because that gains credibility for the NP.  Census information is helful for the evidence base.  He could assist as well with the formulation of the 123 List that would be developed at the same time as the NP (which includes policies). There might be provision made for community self build projects on land not already allocated, otherwise allocation would stay as it is.  The boundary at Cheddon might be challenged again. Mark could take a look at the questionnaire after the final adjustments are made following the exhibitions and testing the Survey Monkey version. Members of the Steering Group were undecided about consulting school pupils, if the lower age of the Referendum would not allow them to vote. Mark was thanked for attending and agreed to send his power point presentation to Kelvin. It was agreed to appoint Mark Pollack as the technical consultant for the WM and CF NP. He will be asked to go over the questionnaire at its final stage. He will be asked to set the structure for the Neighbourhood Plan itself after questionnaires have been analysed, and go over the draft plan. He can be asked to give guidance on the 123 List.   Jane Birch – CCS: report on meeting of 7th Jan 2016 Attended by Kelvin Jo Tricia Norman Jane explained that because both Parish Councils were members of CCS, the NP Steering Group would qualify for 4 hours free consultation time.  The time could be used to set up a Housing Needs Survey. Jane suggested that the NP Questionnaire could allow participants to request a Housing needs survey to be conducted by CCS as an independent body to give evidence for Housing needs identified in the questionnaire. Business / Education Assistance. Jane explained that assistance can also be given regarding press releases and publicity, and they could take the NP consultation into schools if wished (but see above – need to check with Ann Rhodes TDBC) Questionnaire Position Creech St Michael PC has decided they will do a NP, so has Kingston PC, so have Ruishton and Stoke St Gregory PCs. Delivery and Collection: Jo has researched companies and the best value one is Sharp Cat. Issues to sort out include using SC license vs having our own license cost £94.  Also Printing cost, quotes were for loose leaf, we want it stitched. Also the name (SC) did not appeal so could despatch take place in the name of West Monkton and Cheddon Fitzpaine Neighbourhood Plan, and not have London or other large city for reply address. Close date for Questionnaire circa 20th March (Good Friday is 25th March).  Sharp Cat use recyclable materials and plant trees. Advertising: SC will allow a one liner on the despatch envelope.  Both Clerks to advertise the Questionnaire wherever possible (webs site, Village News/Newsletter, noticeboards, Facebook(?) and make sure to complete it, noting on line and hard copy options, with emphasis...

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Neighbourhood Plan Minutes 8th September 2015

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West Monkton and Cheddon Fitzpaine Parish Councils   Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group meeting   Tuesday 8th September 2015 Venue : West Monkton Village Hall    Time : 7pm Attendance list circulated at the meeting for confirmation of contact details…information from this list will be in the public domain Application letter to TDBC   The letter will be signed by both PC Chairmen and both Clerks and Kelvin will hand in to Ann Rhodes on Thursday 10th September 2015. If it is accepted, the TD consultation and advertisement period will run to the end of October (Note – this has happened). In this period the questionnaire will be drafted, first draft to be considered at the NP meeting on 13th October. Then there will be public exhibitions, and following feedback from the exhibitions, the questionnaires will be sent out. After analysis of the questionnaires, the NP will be drafted and TD will run the referendum.   Confirmation of Neighbourhood Plan boundaries   Both Parish Councils have recorded a resolution in their respective minutes to produce a joint NP which follows the outside edge of the two Parish Boundaries in full. This is the red line area submitted to Ann Rhodes as part of the application for designation as a NP area. Norman Cavill will arrange for more copies of the maps to be run off.   Make up of Steering Group Names Contact details CVs Those attending were asked to produce a short paragraph CV/biopic for the record.  Those on the attendance list not present will be checked for their future involvement.   Questionnaire See separate sheet for draft composition and headings   The content was discussed.  Bishops Lydeard NP questionnaire (on BL website) provides ideas for the WMCF NP questionnaire.  Members of the NP Steering Group volunteered to write the questions in the sections listed.  An electronic version will be produced.  Hard copies can be returned to any Parish Councillor’ private address (e.g. leave a box in the porch). An incentive should be organised to secure a good return (each questionnaire will have a name on it so can be pulled out of a hat).  The analysis of the returned questionnaires will form the basis of the NP: including highways, drainage, employment, schools, housing, landscaping/POS. There will be an explanation at the front of the questionnaire explaining the purpose of the NP.  There will be a soft leader question at the beginning, and details of family/household information at the end. The draft questionnaire will need to be approved by TDBC to ensure there is no contradiction with Deane policies (e.g. 25% Social and Affordable Housing). Masterplanning for the Core Strategy at Taunton Deane could coincide with the development of the NP. Some ideas for the questionnaire were discussed, see section by section below, with names of who will be drafting the questions in each section. Kelvin Tuthill will ask Heathfield School and The Space if they wish to be involved with distribution of the NP Questionnaire (could senior pupils/students assist with analysis as part of their curriculum?) Anticipated time frame – delivery of questionnaires to be out by end January and back by mid-February.   Exhibitions   TDBC will assist, K Tuthill will check what assistance can be made available (e.g. boards, maps, photos).  Each Village Hall will have an exhibition 4.00pm to 7.30- 8.00pm, maybe before Christmas but more likely third week in January (suggested Tuesday 19th at West Monkton and Thursday 21st at Cheddon). Material for the exhibition needs to be collected, and be ready by the end of October.  It should include the current development sites and the...

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Neighbourhood Plan Minutes 21 July 2015

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Please note these minutes are Draft Minutes and will be adopted at the next meeting on 8th September 2015. Neighbourhood Plan Meeting WMPC/CFPC 21 July 2015 List of those present: Kelvin Tuthill (chairman), Jo Pearson (Clerk CFPC), Denise Webber, Jason Woollacott, Rob Isaacs, Barry Gage, Andrew Winter, Norman Cavill, Martin Ellis, Ray Tully, Hazel Ellis. P Cavill was the Clerk. Apologies received from Mark Besley, Nigel Griffiths, Kirstie Watson, Annie Derham. Liz Thompson, Mike Batsch. Confirmation of approval to work together to produce joint Neighbourhood Plan and approve the boundaries of that plan area. Both Clerks confirmed that the resolution to work together to produce a Neighbourhood Plan was recorded in their Council minutes, and all agreed the plan boundary would follow the two parish boundaries in their entirety. Maps were shown and the boundaries agreed. Both Councils agreed that West Monkton Parish Council shall be the lead council What is a Neighbourhood Plan, what does it do, and what are the benefits to the Parishes Kelvin gave a broad outline of the process leading to the adoption of the Neighbourhood Plan (NP).  It was explained that once adopted, the NP becomes a Statutory Instrument.  It will be reviewed every couple of years.  CIL money will be paid to each Parish twice yearly, with annual accounts being submitted to TDBC.  The CIL money has to be spent within 5 years so it is possible to save up funds for particular projects.  CIL on houses in the parish of CF will be paid to CF, and CIL generated by buildings in WM will be paid to WM.  If the NP is adopted, then the meaningful proportion of CIL paid to both PCs will be 25% with no cap. Ann Rhodes NP and Rebecca Staddon CIL are the two officers at TDBC providing advice. Following guidance provided by A Rhodes, it was agreed that a statement about the application for designation of a joint Neighbourhood Plan will be put in the two Parish newsletters and on the websites.  It was agreed that the chairman of each Parish Council will write a letter of consent and support. The common areas of the NP are based largely on the green park that will run up from Halcon to Hestercombe, straddling the boundary between CF and WM.  The bat population across both parishes is significant: ecological surveys have been done already to determine provision of bat roosts, suitable street and footpath lighting (Tarker application bat surveys). Other matters covered: An explanation and discussion of what CIL can be used for Building priorities in both parishes informed by 2033 demographic aging population 25% not in employment and over age 65 sustainable villages – bungalows, houses with real chimneys, allowance for self build, retirement villages or lifetime living homes (design criteria such as wet rooms, wheel chair access).  The Core Strategy covers forward planning in the Deane until 2028 so the demographics will influence styles identified. Get information from estate agents as to current market needs (e.g demand for 5 bed house?).  This could be the subject of a survey amongst residents. Also homes with offices to allow working from home, and small starter units on employment land. Justify housing densities – recent trend has been downwards. Noted that CIL only paid on residential, so no CIL from development on employment areas in CF and WM. Links are important – cycleways, footpaths, and roads connecting between and through the various estates that will be built, and feeding into central green wedge/park.  Park needs to have activities that make it self – supporting, so consider horse trails...

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