17 October 2016 Response to M5 Junction 25 Improvement Scheme

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West Monkton Parish Council Comments on M5 Junction 25 Improvement Scheme   Overall, West Monkton Parish Council supports the scheme, since the modelling that has been done would indicate a faster movement of traffic through the junction.  It is good to know that there is an anticipation that the new road will link into the larger scheme being delivered by Highways England improving the A358. Thank you for explaining the issues with the culvert of the Broughton Stream and the utilities that follow the same path.  The Parish Council supports the forward thinking behind building the new road to the south, so that the employment site is opened up for development and at some point in the future the pinch point created by the culvert can be addressed without the unacceptable need to close the A358. The major disappointment is that the improvements to the Creech Castle junction are not rapidly following behind this scheme.  Despite comments in the presentation that a faster motorway junction would relieve congestion at the Creech Castle, those with local knowledge of this part of the road infrastructure would disagree.  As the Improvement Scheme must be completed by 2020, would it be possible to increase the pressure for funding for the Creech Castle junction?  West Monkton Parish Council understands that the scheme at Creech Castle is now top priority for SCC, and in the top 6 for LEP funding, but is there anything else that can be done to strengthen the case?  West Monkton Parish Council is very keen to see this related part of the ‘jigsaw’ delivered, together with the Western Relief Road, so that traffic flows through the parish are alleviated; and the steady destruction of the back lanes in West Monkton is reduced. The cost of repairs to the back lanes has an impact on West Monkton Parish Council finances.  The Parish Council notes that the reference to Creech Castle in the presentation was in terms of improving the Toneway and access into Taunton.  Please be aware that the few ideas that West Monkton Parish Council has seen for the Creech Castle improvements will not help traffic flow on the Eastern Relief Road or Western Relief road, and this consideration needs an equal priority to the access to Taunton when the improvements to Creech Castle are undertaken. The lighting scheme for the Junction 25 Improvement Scheme was explained to be very ecologically friendly, using down lighters and led lights.  West Monkton Parish Council supports ‘Dark Sky’ policies and the lighting scheme as described seems to be the most acceptable in the circumstances.  Additionally, West Monkton Parish Council would support tree planting and landscaping as appropriate, and use of wildflower/meadow planting for the verges. West Monkton Parish Council hopes that the most recently available data was used in the traffic modelling so that projections for the effects of the increased number of houses in the Urban Extension are included and the effects of push button controls on the junction to allow cyclists and walkers to use the cycle/footpaths to safely cross the junction. To increase the connectivity of the employment site with local housing, West Monkton Parish Council suggests that the footpath which connects Ruishton with Bathpool,(T22/18, T22/19, T 22/11 and T32/4) is upgraded for its full length into a cyclepath/footpath.  The footpath is part of the Sustrans network, but the landowner does not maintain the footpath in a user friendly...

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Health and Safety SALC Legal Note 23

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  23-Health-and-Safety-revised-July-2015-doc Scan0040

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WMPC Standing Orders,Financial Regulations and Code of Conduct

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These documents, which govern the way the Parish Council conducts itself and its business, are available for inspection upon request from the Clerk. They were reviewed and adopted on 11th May 2016   financialregs20162017 StandingOrders201617 codeofconduct20162017

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